BCS & Associates Consulting Firm, in partnership with the City of Lynchburg, Virginia established the I KNOW I CAN INSTITUTE (the “Institute”) in 2017. The goal of the Institute is to provide socio-economically disadvantaged high school students with job training, educational opportunities, life skills, and cultural experiences. The Institute seeks to enhance students’ ability to thrive in their academic, employment, and personal lives. Dr. Starks’ approach for the Institute is grounded in research and has been effective in achieving
positive academic outcomes for youth who live in high poverty areas.

The Institute’s inaugural year began in September 2017 with14 students representing each of the high schools in the City of Lynchburg. For approximately eight months, students will be introduced to the four constructs found in Dr. Starks’ Social Justice Framework. The Framework will help students develop a full understanding of themselves, their surroundings
and the unlimited opportunities available to them through the exploration of identity, culture, diversity and respect.

Students will participate in facilitated sessions such as:
Effective Communication Cultivating Critical Thinking Skills, and How our Differences Provide Strength. Facilitated sessions will be coupled with interactive, team building sessions, a community service project and exposure to performing and cultural arts. The students will also take part in
programs geared towards developing them as well-rounded professionals, including financial literacy, resume building/interview workshops, and college tours. Students will have summer jobs and internships provided by the City of Lynchburg and a local nonprofit organization. At the end of the Institute, the students will participate in a ceremony highlighting all of their achievements.

BCS & Associates Consulting Firm

BCS & Associates Consulting Firm (BCS) is committed to achieving social justice and equity. The firm is led by Dr. Brian Chad Starks and works to cultivate deep diversity and cultural competency while providing resources and opportunities to marginalized communities. Consultants with diverse backgrounds bring passion and experience in criminal justice, education, and human resources. BCS and Associates is dedicated to maintaining a strong ethic of care and developing effective partnerships to tackle complex issues. The company’s primary philosophy, which influences all of the work at BCS, is that each individual has the opportunity to “Be the Messenger” on another person’s journey to academic, career, and personal success.

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Interact with Dr. Starks just once and you’ll immediately understand his commitment to issues of social justice and equity. His engaging style and commanding presence leads individuals, organizations and communities to higher levels of consciousness and action. For additional information, contact him below.