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Meet Brian C. Starks,
A Crusader for Equality.

Dr. Brian Chad Starks, CEO of BCS & Associates Inc., is a leading authority on achieving social justice and equity. As a Research Assistant Professor at Clemson University, he pioneered the Social Justice and Research Hub. Formerly, he served as the Associate Director of Diversity for Delaware Space Grant Consortium, championing marginalized student representation. With a Ph.D. in Criminology from the University of Delaware, his research blends law and society, centering on law, inequality, and the nuanced connections between law, race/ethnicity, crime, and justice.


Advocate • Speaker • Mentor • Educator • Writer •

Advocate • Speaker • Mentor • Educator • Writer •



Dr. Starks is a skilled facilitator who creates a challenging learning environment that changes lives. He offers a wide range of training programs addressing issues of social justice and equity for individuals, organizations and communities. Dr. Starks will work with you to develop a session that meets your specific needs.

Executive Coaching and

As a distinguished trainer, facilitator, speaker, and CEO dedicated to social justice, I offer unparalleled executive coaching and mentoring services. Elevate leadership potential by navigating complexities with a socially conscious lens, ensuring executives drive positive change, foster inclusive cultures, and navigate diversity challenges with confidence and authenticity.

Professional Developemnt

As an accomplished trainer, facilitator, speaker, and CEO championing social justice, I specialize in tailored professional development for young scholars. Elevate your organization's commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders with dynamic programs designed to cultivate skills, resilience, and a socially conscious mindset, ensuring their impactful contribution to a diverse and inclusive professional landscape.

Youth and
Young Adult Mentoring

As a seasoned trainer, facilitator, speaker, and CEO committed to social justice, I specialize in transformative youth and young adult mentoring services. Harness the power of mentorship to guide and empower the next generation, fostering resilience, leadership, and a deep commitment to social equity for a brighter future.

Marginalized Groups Recruitment and Retention

As a distinguished trainer, facilitator, speaker, and CEO devoted to social justice, I excel in optimizing organizational diversity through specialized services in marginalized groups' recruitment and retention. My transformative approach empowers businesses to cultivate an inclusive culture, ensuring the attraction, development, and retention of talent from underrepresented communities for sustained success and innovation.

Structural Inequality and Equity

As a seasoned trainer, facilitator, and CEO committed to dismantling structural inequality, I specialize in delivering powerful sessions on equity. Through dynamic speaking engagements, I empower organizations to recognize and address systemic barriers, fostering an environment that champions fairness, diversity, and inclusivity for sustained positive impact.

Diversity and Cultural Competency

As a seasoned expert trainer, facilitator, and CEO with a profound commitment to fostering inclusive environments, I specialize in empowering organizations through transformative workshops on diversity and cultural competency. Elevate your team's potential by engaging in dynamic sessions that cultivate understanding, bridge gaps, and drive authentic change, propelling your business towards a more socially just and resilient future.


Interact with Dr. Starks just once and you’ll immediately understand his commitment to issues of social justice and equity. His engaging style and commanding presence leads individuals, organizations and communities to higher levels of consciousness and action. For additional information, contact him below.


In a world where effective communication is paramount, Dr. Brian Chad Starks stands out as a beacon of excellence. His passion, expertise, and commitment to being the messenger are qualities that make him not only a remarkable professional but also a valuable asset to anyone seeking knowledge and enlightenment. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Starks and his mission to be the messenger.

Adam E.
Grad Student

I wanted to reach back out and let you know what an impact that you had here at Wake Tech. Based on conversations you lead, we were able to implement a START (STEM Academic Research & Training) Ambassador program. In this program former START Interns (those conducting undergraduate research) were trained in the art of storytelling, mentored to develop their story around START, and then invited into various math and science classrooms to share their stories. We were awarded an internal grant to compensate those ambassadors for their time. Because of you we plan to install the ambassador portion as a permanent part of our program.

Jackie Swanik, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Mathematics, Sciences, and Engineering

Upon hearing his lecture, I have worked hard with the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee at the University of Connecticut to bring Dr. Starks for a visit. He will deliver a keynote speech where participants will “get uncomfortable, to get comfortable,” as Dr. Starks puts it, by speaking truth to power in STEM and engaging the audience with community science concepts. He will also facilitate a dialogue of similar topics with graduate and faculty members of our UConn STEM community. From this visit, I am hopeful that keynote participants will take away newfound value for community science and that dialogue attendees will feel empowered to continue these discussions and organize to actualize change.

John Briseno
Dept. of Molecular & Cell Biology University of Connecticut


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26 July 2023
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26 July 2023